You ever wanted a chicken for your own?

How about an crazy chicken?

THE crazy chicken!

Take your chance to collect them all.

handmade chicken banner

Handmade Chickens

TheCrazyChicken #1 - #100 are 100% handmade - each chicken was designed for a specific topic.

They are the beginning of the journey.

NFTs are minted at Polygon Matic (Ethereum Sidechain) -> no Gas-Fees!

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generic chicken banner

Generic Chickens

TheCrazyChicken with name pattern xx_xx_xxxx_xxxx_xxxx_xxxx_xxxx_xx_x are 1228 chickens generated by an algorithm.

They use some items of the handmade ones, but also got some new items. The algorithm generated chickens out of a combination of different colored arms, headgears, eyegears, capes, beards, backgroundcolors and just a few are smoking. Every generated chicken is fully unique!

NFTs are minted at Polygon Matic (Ethereum Sidechain) -> no Gas-Fees!

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crazy chicken punks banner


CrazyChickenPunks are a tribute to CryptoPunks. Only 100 NFTs will be minted. Each NFT will be unique and will be inspired by its CryptoPunk equivalent.

CrazyChickenPunks are directly related to TheCrazyChicken.

CrazyChickenPunks are not related with larvalabs.

NFTs are minted at Ethereum Mainchain.

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The crazy chickens were born to get adopted by nice persons, who will take care of them.

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